Training - Course Requirements


Attendance of the entire course is mandatory. If a weekend is missed the student may be required to attend the relevant weekend on a later course, or liaison with a tutor for extra tuition.


Students are required to keep a journal recording energy awareness, personal clearing and healing experiences as they take place throughout the course. To augment this process individual therapy sessions with a registered Bi-Aura practitioner at least once a month are an additional requirement.

Anatomy and Physiology

Before going into professional practice it is advisable and only a recommendation to have a working knowledge of the above. This can be self taught or achieved by a correspondence course provided by an independent organisation. You can find out more information from your local adult education centre. A course in Anatomy and Physiology is not necessary to come on the Bi-Aura training course.

Emergency First Aid

Professional therapists from all disciplines are required to keep their emergency first aid skills up to date. St. Johns Ambulance and The Red Cross provide half day and day training courses nationwide. Students are required to attain a First Aid certificate prior to the exam week end.


As well as daily practise of Chi Kung exercises and regular practise of Bi-Aura techniques further home study is required. Each training weekend questions will be set relevant to the theory covered. These should take up to 2 hours to complete.

Case Studies

From the fourth month of training students are required to begin compiling six case studies, recording the first three sessions of each in depth. These form the nucleus of a more expansive personal portrayal of Bi-Aura. To be submitted prior to the 8th weekend.

Personal Development

To graduate it is essential that, as well as competence in the theory and practise of Bi-Aura, appropriate levels of personal development are achieved. Therefore students are assessed, advised and supported on an individual basis throughout the course.

Full Course Fees

Full course fees must be paid and Case studies handed in prior to sitting the practical and theory examinations.

An accredited Diploma in Bio-Energy Therapy is awarded to students who have achieved the appropriate level of personal development and a minimum of 75% for each of the following:

  1. Case studies
  2. Knowledge and application of techniques
  3. Written exam
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