Training - Success with Bi-Aura

Our Current Practitioner Network

The Bi-Aura Therapy story is still in its early stage and there are still many pages to be written. We now have nearly 150 diploma qualified practitioners operating throughout Ireland, Scotland and Northern England. And there are still areas in these regions where practitioners are urgently required. Our practitioners enjoy great job and financial satisfaction.

Future Growth

If you live in the United Kingdom the time to join us is now, because we are planning to increase our network of practitioners. In 1999, nine million people sought 'alternative' medical solutions to their ailments, it is estimated that one in five people now do so, compared to one in seven just three years ago. We already have many clients who travel great distances to attend our clinics, so by applying to train for our diploma qualification, there is an excellent chance that you will be one of the first to practice in your area, an important consideration for anyone planning to set up in business on their own. And with the ever increasing awareness of the name Bi-Aura and the support we give to our practitioners, you can be confident of a successful career.


We give our practitioners as much support as we possibly can with regular seminars, on-going training and referrals from our marketing, P.R. and promotional activity.

Practitioner Backgrounds

Our practitioners come from many backgrounds, nurses, doctors, teachers, pharmacists, beauty consultants, hairdressers - we even have an astro physicist! There is no golden rule stating what you have to be to apply to train, only a genuine desire to help and heal others is required.

What to do now ?

If you feel that being a Bi-Aura practitioner is a career that you could enjoy, why not apply? When you have completed our accredited diploma course you will have a qualification that not only will help others, but yourself. You will also enjoy a great feeling of achievement and increased status in your community by being 'qualified' to practice something that can benefit many people who otherwise you would not be involved with. And, of course, you will reap the great benefits of working for yourself and earning a good living working the hours and days that you want to work.

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