Training - Course Syllabus

The accredited Bi-Aura training course takes place one weekend a month over eight months. Normally beginning at 10.00am and finishing at 6.00pm each day with regular breaks for refreshments and lunch. Course notes are given to students in advance and provide a structure for the activities of each weekend.

  • Weekend 1 - Root Chakra
  • Weekend 2 - Sacral Chakra
  • Weekend 3 - Solar Plexus Chakra
  • Weekend 4 - Heart Chakra
  • Weekend 5 - Throat Chakra
  • Weekend 6 - Brow Chakra
  • Weekend 7 - Crown Chakra
  • Weekend 8 - Revision and Exam

Weekend 1 - Root Chakra

  • Theory : Course introduction and overview; The background and origin of Bi-Aura; The Bi-Aura Foundation; The energy matrix; Energy healing/the invisible world; Increasing physical energy; Spiritual integration; Root chakra influences.
  • Practice : Chi Kung; Meditation - grounding; Demonstrations; Bi-Aura techniques stage one; Interactive sessions; Root chakra exercises.

Weekend 2 - Sacral Chakra

  • Theory : The healing curve; Cleansing -internal and external; the tools of Bi-Aura; The power of the focussed mind; Healing colours; sacral chakra influences.
  • Practice : Chi Kung; Meditation. Extrasensory perception; Seeing energy and using colour; Bi-Aura techniques - stage two. Sacral chakra exercises.

Weekend 3 - Solar Plexus Chakra

  • Theory : Decisions and procrastination; Inner power; Control dramas - understanding people; Medical intervention; Four-step recovery plan; Seven levels of consciousness; Solar plexus chakra influences.
  • Practice : Chi Kung; Meditation; Sensing subtle energy; Interpreting chakra disturbances; Bi-Aura techniques - stage three; Advanced migraine technique;Professional therapy sessions; Clinical feedback and advice; Role play and record keeping; Solar plexus exercises.

Weekend 4 - Heart Chakra

  • Theory : The body's regeneration; Disease and physiology; Human potential; Introduction to case studies; clinic set-up - records; Utilising advanced techniques; Heart chakra influences.
  • Practice : Chi Kung; Meditation; Bi-Aura techniques - stage four; advanced spinal alignment technique; Mock practical exam; Heart chakra exercises.

Weekend 5 - Throat Chakra

  • Theory : Purity and detoxification; Listening to the higher self; the expression of the chakras; Healing the inner self;. Client communication; hear what we say; Health & the aura; Throat chakra influences.
  • Practice : Chi Kung; Meditation; Bi-Aura techniques - stage five. Working on chair bound clients; Sounding the chakras; chanting and toning.

Weekend 6 - Brow Chakra

  • Theory : Metaphysical causation; reaching the quantum world; Psychology and physiology; Left & right brain imbalance; Giving Presentations; Brow chakra influences.
  • Practice : Chi-Kung; Meditation; Extrasensory perception; 15 minute sessions; Bi-Aura techniques - stage six; Psychic and remote healing.

Weekend 7 - Crown Chakra

  • Theory : Enabling or limiting beliefs; Seven spiritual steps; Working as a therapist; Clinic set-up and record keeping; legal requirements, insurance, accounts and promotion; Crown chakra influences.
  • Practice : Chi-Kung; Meditation; Bi-Aura techniques revision; Short presentations;
    Working 2 on 1 .

Weekend 8 - Revision and Exams

  • Theory : Course revision - final stage; Open forum; The Bi-Aura Foundation support system; Theory exam.
  • Practice : Bi-Aura practical exam - techniques, understanding, application; Chi Kung, Meditation.

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