Training - One Day Introduction Workshops


Bi-Aura workshops are designed to provide an insight into the theory of energy therapy and to create an awareness of how we unconsciously influence our lives on every level.

Dates & Times

Weekday workshops are normally held from 6:30 pm to 9 pm and weekend workshops are held during the day-time only. Please check our Events page for the next scheduled workshop.

Venues & Attendees

We have hosted talks & demos in London (south-east England), Manchester (Midlands) and Edinburgh (Scotland).

However all we require is 15 - 20 attendees and we can host the workshop almost anywhere in the UK.

Subjects Covered

  • About the Bi-Aura Foundation, therapy & training
  • Understanding the energy matrix and its influence at every level
  • Chi Kung induced energy flow
  • Seeing, and sensing energy
  • Working with Chakras
  • Full Bi-Aura therapy session demonstration


The Bi-Aura talks & demos cost between £25 - £45 per person and include light refreshments.

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