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The Bi-Aura Energy Therapy Foundation was introduced to Ireland and the UK by Máire Caithlín Dennhöfer in 1995. It has now spread its wings to many other parts of the world.

Máire, a native of Ireland, married for over 38 years and still living in Northumberland with her husband and two daughters (although the girls have flown the nest now)

Máire has been interested in complementary health for many years and came across energy therapy on one of her many trips abroad.

Maire was so impressed with the powerful effects of energy therapy healing that she decided it must come to the UK. Immediately upon her return she set about promoting the therapy. Television and newspapers were enormously supportive and requests for therapy flooded in.

At the time there were no qualified practitioners in the UK, so a team of qualified people were flown in from Ireland. The 4 day clinics took on a life of their own, and within the first year 44,000 miles were clocked up throughout the UK. With the success of the therapy and so many positive results, requests began to pour in from people interested in training.

Maire was convinced that this unique form of healing must be available to everyone, and held a long-term vision that permanent Bi-Aura clinics would one day be available in every major city.

In 1999 the 8-month, part-time intensive Bi-Aura training courses began in the UK and Ireland. A year later the Bi-Aura Foundation was set up to give support and client referrals to all qualified practitioners. On the strength of this success the Bi-Aura Foundation now has over 150 qualified practitioner's within the Foundation. It is nearly 18 years since the training program began and, to date, more than 200 Bi-Aura training courses have been successfully completed in Ireland and the U.K.

One Awards Quality Mark Endorsement

One Awards Quality Mark Endorsement

The Bi-Aura Energy Healing Therapy Diploma holds the One Awards Quality Mark endorsement for high quality training. One Awards is a Quality Assurance and Accreditation service offering bespoke accreditation for over 20 years.

The Quality Mark confirms our courses and training methods are delivered to the highest standard. We are audited and assessed regularly by One Awards’ quality assurance professionals to ensure our teaching methods, materials and practical work meet their strict criteria. in Ireland and the UK.

Also we pride ourselves in the fact that all our trainers have teachers training accredition in the qualification's of teaching students. We are also working behind the scenes to achieve recognition with our research and development team. By the end of 2016 we hope to have sufficient evidence to move a step forward to finally gain recognition. What a wonderful joy to work towards this goal.

We do feel we are at the dawn of a new beginning for all who work for the Bi-Aura Foundation. Now there are GPs, qualified nurses and complementary medical therapists practising Bi-Aura, as do so many ex-clients who, due to the successful treatment they received, have an overwhelming urge to help others.

Many therapists have their own practice, with others working in holistic and integrated health centres or, indeed, working from home. Keep an eye on our News section and see for yourself the testimonials from so many of our clients and practitioners.

The Bi-Aura Foundation was set up to maintain the highest standards for clients and practitioners in both Ireland and the UK.

Our aims for the coming year's is to help less fortunate people and perhaps opening a healing centre in the third world. We do need donations to fulfill our dream , so please get in touch and let us know your thoughts in helping.

What a joy it would be to make some in roads in working towards such a rewarding project. The Foundation is aiming to raise funding to make this a reality.

(We would love to hear from anyone who may want to contribute to the Bi-Aura Registered Charity and make this happen) Do please get in touch. The number again is 01661 844899.

We will also continue with our research into successful case studies which are now appearing in an updated part of the Bi-Aura front page of the Bi-Aura site. This is a whole new area of positive and successful results which the public can now see, the true benefits of receiving Bi-Aura Therapy. Exciting times ahead for everyone in the Foundation!

A Personal Note from Maire Caithlin

Finally a joy to see so many of our people doing such great work within the Foundation. We have an enormous number of talented people helping and advising in all directions. Time and time again we see tremendous team spirit and kindness coming from all quarters within the Bi-Aura Foundation.

Bottom line - The Ethos of this Foundation is all about reaching out to people from all denominations and using our unique Bi-Aura techniques of healing and caring. This is what our team of practitioners are qualified to do and what the Bi-Aura Foundation is all about.


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