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Hi there and many thanks for visiting! If you would like to read more about my professional background and approach to therapy, you can check out my website. If you would like to read kind words from my former clients and get a feel for the therapy, then just stick around. And finally if you have any queries, please do get in touch via email. Thank you!

In a recent conversation with a friend of mine, I was explaining to him I was suffering with back pain. He asked me if I would take part in a healing technique that involved the energy centres contained within the body – chakras. I agreed and he introduced me to Tina. The sessions were once a week for four weeks. Personally I had little concept of what was entailed, but was willing to experiment with an alternative treatment. On the first day Tina went through my medical history and explained in great detail what she would be doing. I was interested to find out if her work could lessen the discomfort in my back, but was more than surprised when we discussed the session afterwards, that the energy centres disclosed much more. Not only did Tina work on my back problem; she also worked on what I would describe as psychological issues, and she was able to inform me of some issues that were going on within myself. I was to be honest surprised that Tina through her work was able to define what I was concerned about and was mulling over in the days before we met. The revealing aspect for me was that I had not discussed any personal matters with Tina during our first conversation. This pattern continued over the next three sessions, and it was fascinating to see this at work. I would have no hesitation in engaging with Tina and this therapy again. Tina was at all times professional, courteous and willing to engage with the physical and psychological message she was receiving during her work. I can only wish her the best and much success on the path that she has chosen. R.B. (53) Dublin

I found Tina to be a wonderful practitioner! She is respectful and kind while being practical and pragmatic. I have received different energy healing before but found Tina to be the best and was very happy with the results after just 4 sessions. When I began treatment with Tina, I was suffering (more than usual) with allergies. Hay fever and newly arisen contact dermatitis. By the end of the 4 sessions I could see a marked improvement in both of these ailments. I have experienced the strong feeling of energy flowing from my crown chakra down through my energy centres regularly in my own practice and in other energy healing treatments. But what made the sessions with Tina so special was the sensation of energy flowing in the opposite direction. An energising and grounding flow which made me feel strong, safe, elated and ready to take on the world. One other thing I would like to note about Tina is her attention to checking in with her client, how they are feeling and progressing, if anything has come up between sessions and most importantly to me, proper close downs and the invitation to avail of aftercare if necessary. I found Tina to be a very skilled and talented practitioner with a very high level of client care. I would not hesitate to avail of her skills again and have already recommended her to many people. I would highly recommend Tina as a Bio Energy Healer!! P.D. (33)

I have received a number of bio-energy treatments from Tina for my lower back problems. Since receiving her treatments my condition has improved greatly. I now have greater mobility and a renewed sense of optimism and energy to engage in many more social activities. Tina has a healing presence and an ability to listen deeply and intuitively, which I found very conducive to my well-being. B.B. (69) Dublin

Working with Tina was a pleasure. She is a very receptive and warm person which made it easy to talk to her about any topic that came up through our work together. She outlined the working method clearly and it was an enjoyable, relaxing experience. As a practitioner she is very professional and this, along with her friendly and gentle demeanour, created a lovely atmosphere to be in. M.H. (33) Dublin

I had four sessions with Tina and found her to be very professional and calming. Any questions I had she answered right away. I also liked that she let me make my own judgements of the sessions and didn't tell me what I would feel either. The sessions brought me a lot of calm and relaxation. I had a lot of energy following the sessions - it kind of made me feel rejuvenated. K.S. (42) Dublin


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