Ms Deryn Walker - Registered Bio-Energy Therapist

Bi-Aura Registered Member Deryn Walker

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Wigton, Carlisle

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Phone : 01228 711388
Mobile : 0783 744 5741

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It is fantastic to witness how my clients improve - they frequently say that their pain has diminished, their mood or depression has lifted, that they are sleeping better and have more energy and zest for life. In some cases specific symptoms ease with the first treatment and then subsquently disappear completely. Bi-Aura is an amazingly powerful, safe and effective therapy and works on both emotional and physical problems.

I have experience in working on a wide range of conditions:-

Physical ailments like pain, arthritis, digestive disorders, headackes & migraine, sciatica, mobility problems, injuries, circulation problems and muscular aches & pains and also emotional and mental issues can be treated, such as depression, panic attacks, stress & anxiety, anger management, mood swings.

Depression is the problem that I work with most frequently and clients often tell me that they start to feel better after the very first treatment. They feel their mood lift and begin to enjoy life again. I find this work particularly rewarding as clients begin to change and blossom to their full potential.

I work in north Cumbria and can be flexible with appointments, working in the evenings and occasional weekends if necessary. Each session lasts about an hour and a quarter and is aimed at resolving specific problems for each individual. My treatment room is a comfortable, peaceful place where clients can explore their emotions and health concerns in a confidential and professional environment.

If you can't come to see me do ask about Distant Healing - some of my clients say it is as effective as a face to face session!

Please do phone or email to discuss your problems further.

1. Client forms are held for 7 years in a secure place and then destroyed.
2. When clients stop seeing me their emails and texts are deleted.
3. When clients stop coming their email address and mobile number is deleted from my laptop and phone.
4. All client information is confidential and your details are not passed on to anyone else without your permission.

A Personal Note from Deryn

I became interested in how our bodies produce energy or sometimes fail to produce it, following my own illness. When I researched my lack of energy on the web the Bi-Aura site kept coming up and curiosity got the better of me. I attended a one day course in Glasgow to find out more and after that day I was very keen to train on the nine month course and become a therapist. The experience of going on the training course in Perth was invaluable and I qualified as a practitioner in 2007. I now have many years of experience in treating both emotional and physical problems.


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