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"I am honoured and privileged to be asked to take on the role of the Bi-Aura Foundation's Chief Instructor. I have been practicing Bi-Aura since 2001 and keep finding further depth to bio-energy therapy the more I work and teach in the area.

I have been deeply impressed by the effects Bi-Aura therapy has had on myself, my clients and my students over the years and to be able to help others in this area I find very rewarding."

Dan started using energy to heal over 20 years ago as a result of his experiences in martial arts and meditation. After an Army and a corporate career, Dan did a major career change and started teaching and practicing complementary therapies.

He was featured as ‘One of London’s Top 50 Well-Being Gurus’ in a daily newspaper, awarded the ‘Highly Commended’ rating by the CAM Awards Outstanding Practice show, featured in a BBC2 documentary about practices on Harley Street in London, and has appeared in several high profile magazines such as Vogue and Harpers & Queen. He is the Complementary Medical Association's 'Energy Medicine Expert'.

Dan has a Masters in 'The history and philosophy of Science and Medicine' looking at the historic tensions and dynamics between Orthodox and Complementary Therapies. He also holds a 'Certificate in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Centre'

Dan started his journey in meditation over 25 years ago. He has studied Indian, Chinese and Japanese meditation techniques. He has learnt under a Zen Master, a Ninja Master and is a qualified instructor in both Daoist and Zen Meditation techniques.

He hopes to bring all these skills and experiences to bear in maintaining and improving the quality and abilities of the Bi-Aura Foundation Bio-Energy Therapy Diploma.

Dan currently is only able to offer Remote Healing sessions.


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