Photo Album - 2003-10 PIP Energy Field Imaging

The Centre for Human Energy Field Research uses modern technologies to explore, train & educate in all levels of energy analysis and treatment  

These pictures are a result of a proof of concept research program into the detectable and quantifiable effects of Remote or Distant Healing by using the PIP scanner and subjective reporting from the target.

This is being done by Dan Kahn of the Bi-Aura Foundation with the Centre for Human Energy Field Research (CHEFR).

The aim of the proof of concept is to show a causal linkage between the light patterns around the human body, which are detectable by the PIP scanner, and the Remote Healing sessions.

If this can be shown then it opens up very interesting research possibilities into the verification of Remote Healing and the interaction of mind / matter over distances.

Initial findings seem to indicate that there is a causal linkage between the patterns of light detected by the PIP scanner. There tends to be distinct changes detected by the PIP scanner during a session when compared to scans from before and after the Remote Healing.

Subjective responses have indicated that targets have noted an increase in their sense of well-being with feelings of relaxation and calmness. Sensations of pain-relief and movement of "heat" around the body have also been reported.

Further work is being done to establish control data and to assess future research programs.

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