News - Succes story from client suffering with Migraines.

Monday 13 August, 2018
by The Bi-Aura Foundation

Michel Murray

11 Kingsland Square


13 August 2018

I have twice had help, with a debilitating symptoms of Silent Migraines. I have suffered with tem for 10 years or more. They start with me sensing the migraine coming on and it has a psycodelic snake that starts to effect my vision. It becomes more intense so that my eye sight deteriorates.

I am self -employed running a photography business in a very busy shop. I then have to close the shop as I would need to go home and lie in a dark room for over an hour sometime over two and afterwards it leaves me exhausted.

Twice recently I asked Therapist Lorrain Mahon for help. She did Bi-Aura Therapy with me and within a short space of time, the first stage of my symptoms which had already started before seeing her, were halted, stopping stage two from happening.

I would not hesitate to recommend anyone suffering from migraine symptoms to get in touch with Bi-Aura Therapist Lorrain Mahon.

Yours sincerely

Michael Murray

see link to Lorraine Mahon below. Murray

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  • Address : Peebles Scotland
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