News - Bio-Energy Case Study Focus : Elbow & Back Pain

Sunday 30 September, 2018
by Lynne Ridley

Client presented with a right elbow which had been painful for more than a year and also sought relief from stiffness in lower back which affected posture and mobility.

1st session

While working with client’s energy I sense her energy flowing into the earth on more than one occasion; however energy levels were restored afterwards to light and contained. At the rear of root chakra I sense clearly an excess energy, which feels heavy. There is slight excessive energy in the heart chakra flowing over the right shoulder into the arm at the rear. The front feels slightly deficient. While clearing the arm and shoulder I focus some white healing energy infused with blue to cool down the inflammation, which could cause the pain in her elbow joint. Her solar plexus is also slightly excessive at the front. Her ground feels okay apart from the sinking energy. Client’s body has a slight rigidity to it. Client’s posture is slightly bent forward at the shoulders and sunken inward at heart, which is reflected in the chakras. As this is the first session I perform a basic balancing and energising course.

2nd session

There has been a shift in energy compared to our previous session, which indicates that there is movement and thus change in the flow of energy. Client’s energy is much more flowing, which has also benefitted her posture and her physical flexibility. I share with client that I have used the telephone technique to help her with letting go of unconscious emotions from the past to support energy release. I mention that the throat chakra has been shifting from depleted to excessive. The exercises that client has been using are very beneficial for her wellbeing and I suggest she continues this practice. I recommend searching for a meditation or visualisation technique that appeals to her.

3rd session

Bi Aura therapy has helped client to improve her energy and wellbeing. The pain in her arm has now disappeared. Client mentions that emotional issues feel much better to handle and this has a healing effect on her physical wellbeing. In this session I perform the basic Bi Aura sequence and use the spinal alignment technique to support and relief the stiffness in the lower back with the intention to create more flow and relies the blocked energy in her lower back. Client will continue to do her visualisation exercises.

4th session

Client has been wonderfully involved in making progress during the 4 Bi Aura sessions. She is on an emotional journey and travels step-by-step in her own time and in her own way. Client’s physical issues have now been resolved and she has an understanding of the integrated relationship between physical, emotional, mental and energy aspects. The rigid feel in her body has now almost disappeared. Client is able to relax and let go. It has been wonderful to see how much Bi Aura and client’s own involvement in healing has contributed to the elimination of pain from her body.

Testimonial May 2018

I have received a course of four Bi-Aura therapy sessions over April and May, three sessions at weekly intervals and then the fourth as a follow-up three weeks later. The benefits of the treatment my Bi Aura therapist has given me have been life-enhancing and beneficial in no small measure.

My therapists gentle, reassuring and warm style of communication created a wonderfully facilitating atmosphere in which I felt relaxed, confident and inspired to take part in the therapy process. She explained the nature of the therapy clearly and effectively to the extent that the concepts have since taken root in my every day thinking and become a resource for self-healing. In this sense, the benefits have not only been specific to the treatment goals, but far more broadly life-enhancing.

With focus, dedication, passion and skill in the delivery of the therapy process, my Bi Aura therapist was able to heal two long-standing physical problems over just a few sessions. The first was a tennis-elbow injury which now no longer causes pain at night and even bears up to the strain of playing tennis actively. The second was a lower back stiffness which has since resolved, enabling me to walk and run with greater ease.

Over and above the focus on these two specific problems, each session gave me a general feeling of renewed physical and emotional energy, as if I had been reconnected with an inner core of calm and positive strength; I felt truly rejuvenated.

I can only speak with the highest praise, respect, gratitude and admiration for my Bi Aura therapist and Bi Aura therapy.

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