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Thursday 20 August, 2009
by Helen McGurk from News Letter

Bi-Aura practitioner Lorna Martin treats patient

When most of us get ill, blaming troubled chakras is the last thing that we would think to do. But Lorna Martin believes that blocked energy points around the body can be the cause of illness and a holistic treatment called Bi-Aura therapy can help to relieve symptoms of disease and keep us fit and healthy. HELEN McGURK finds out more.

LORNA MARTIN hasn't had a sore head or throat for seven years. What's more impressive, and indeed enviable, is that she "loves life". A statement of fact said with utter, unquestionable conviction. She is truly content with her lot, and how many of us can say that?

Lorna attributes her equilibrium to Bi-Aura therapy, a complementary energy therapy she discovered some years ago.

She suffered terribly with arthritis in her hands, but after a few sessions of this gentle, non-invasive treatment the symptoms had lessened dramatically to the extent that she no longer needed medication.

The Comber woman was so impressed with Bi-Aura therapy that she decided to train in the discipline and has been a practising therapist for the last seven years .... although she isn't too keen on the word "aura", feeling it to be a little "misleading."

Bi-Aura therapy, with its talk of energy fields, chakras and aura, may strike some as just a load of hocus pocus dreamt up by hippy dippy types. In fact this whole notion of energy surrounding the body can be traced back thousands of years to eastern healers who believed in the fundamental part it plays in our health and well-being. They learned where the centres of energy lay in the human body, how the patterns of our energy flowed and how to channel and unblock these energy flows to enable the body to heal itself.

Today, the energy field or 'aura' that surrounds us - is recognised by the World Health Organisation.
It is this energy which forms the basis of Bi¬Aura Therapy. Practitioners are trained to develop enhanced sensitivity to the energy and they work with it to make it flow more freely.
Lorna, a softly-spoken woman, is quietly evangelical about it, saying simply: "it was life-changing for me."

"But only I could change me. It was up to me to make that choice and using these techniques and coping mechanisms I did. Now I'm fine."

Not only did Bi-Aura therapy help her arthritis it also changed her emotionally from being a "domineering, critical, judgmental mother", who would not have been open to any complementary therapies, into someone who can listen to, and not judge, her children and someone who is in love with life.

She rises every morning to exercise and practice her chung ki (deep abdominal breathing) and drinks two cups of cooled warm water to cleanse the system. She has a good diet and gets plenty of sleep. It is this holistic approach to life which forms the basis of Bi-Aura therapy.

"It works on the physical, mental and the emotional. The idea behind the therapy is that if energy is moving freely around the body then it is getting into those energy centres from which it is being distributed to the organs, muscles, tissues, cells - all parts of the body. Then the body will be healthy. But if there are blockages created in that energy field around the organs, energy isn't getting through properly and the organs can become diseased (sic) and illness can follow.

"If we are thinking negatively, then we are not creating this healthy flow and the disturbances can follow.

"My job is to remove those blockages or disturbances in that energy fieldto enable the energy to flow freely along the energy pathways, just like the blood circulates through the body. Or it can simply be used for maintenance. just as we maintain our cars, or we get them serviced for the MOT. We don't normally think about our health until something goes wrong and it is better to maintain it than wait until something goes wrong. It is our responsibility to make the changes that will create a healing atmosphere in the body."

Lorna says people's reactions can vary after a session.

"They might feel an immediate improvement, they might feel worse the next day because it has a detoxifying effect, or they might experience no changes for a period of time but further down the line they may realise that they are dealing with things in a different way."

To get a taste of what Bi-Aura therapy is all about, Lorna gives me a taster session.

She starts off by 'scanning' my body for excess energy or a deficiency of energy. Almost immediately she notes that her hands feel 'heavy' around my shoulders. Spot on. This is where I carry an habitual ache. She also senses a heaviness in my throat and asks if I ever hold back from what saying what I really think? Not really. But I do have a very red and sore throat.

She says some clients may feel heat or pins and needles in the areas where her hands hover. I feel nothing, but again this isn't unusual. It is recommended that clients have three or four sessions to really feel the benefits.

Lorna insists that she is not a doctor, and diagnosis is not her aim. She describes Bi-Aura therapy as a "catalyst" for the client to heal him or herself from the inside out.

She says: .. If I even had an inkling of a sore head I can draw it out so it disperses into the air. I know that sounds weird, but I can only say that it works."

A Bi-Aura therapy session costs £30. For more information phone Lorna Martin on 0289-187-1197 or e-mail her at There will be a Bi-Aura therapy workshop on 12 September 2009 at the Corrymeela Centre in Ballycastle, 10am - 4pm. Tickets cost £40. For more information contact the Bi-Aura Foundation on 01661-844-899.

This article was published in the News Letter on Thursday 20 August 2010 and is reproduced with kind permission from Johnston Press.

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