News - Bi-Aura treats Sleeping Disorder

Tuesday 21 August, 2018
by Lewis Durham from This is Surrey Today

I was cured of terrors in the night

Night after night 11-year-old Ashleigh Thompson was too scared to go to sleep.

When she did drift into sleep giant expressionless faces loomed over her in her dreams and abject fear would lead her to frequent bouts of sleepwalking and talking.

Worryingly for the Caterham Preparatory School pupil, she would be haunted by the giant faces even after she was woken.

Her distraught mother, Samantha, grew so desperate in her efforts to help Ashleigh with the situation, she sought advice from doctors and psychiatrists.

The Thompsons, of Stoneswood Road, Limpsfield, reached breaking point last year when Ashleigh was about to go on her first school trip to the Isle of Wight.

That was when Mrs Thompson turned to Lingfield-based Bi-Aura therapist Lesley Gibson, 42, of Vicarage Road.

She said: "Ashleigh wouldn't be able to go the whole trip without having her nightmares."

She added: "It is quite bizarre the first time you see it.

"However, you just have to let yourself go into the therapy and relax.

"The difference it has made to her is unbelievable. She's so confident now and getting sleep which has helped so much."

Bi-Aura therapists tap into two energy fields that feed the body, energy from the earth that travels into your body through your feet and cosmic energy that goes into your body from your head.

This is the body's bio-field and can affect a person's behaviour.

Mrs Gibson used her hands to scan Ashleigh's body and found she had too much cosmic energy and not enough earth energy.

She then used her hands again to extract some cosmic energy and replace it with earth energy.

Ashleigh said: "I'm so pleased I met Lesley as I had been seeing these big horrible white faces my whole life.

"It was a bit weird with Lesley at first, but I have been so much better since. No more faces."

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