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Monday 01 January, 2018
by Bi-Aura Foundation

Dated: 1 January 2018

A student from our course in London Dated 1 January 2018.

"My thoughts on training on this current course in London"

We’re almost at the end of our formal training and exams and I wanted to provide some feedback to you.

It’s been the most amazing course.

The whole experience has been enriching and enjoyable; insightful and empowering on so many levels.

I would really like to thank you, the team and most especially Dan and Franceska who have been incredible throughout.

They simply are delightful and have made the learning process and the Bi Aura experience incredibly special.

They are exceptionally professional; approachable; knowledgeable and exemplary in their approach and their delivery. I can’t thank them enough.

Luckily the group just seem to gel in the most wonderful way. A diverse group of people just enjoying each others energy. They are all so lovely open and kind.

Dan and Franceska’s own breadth of knowledge made a huge difference I believe as they were able to expand the discussions; provide fascinating insights and life experiences which helped bring the whole thing to life.

Please pass on my deepest thanks and love to them.

I know I will miss meeting with them every month. The course has become such a lovely part of my life.

Thanks to you; the team and the foundation for all the hard work you do.

A special mention also to Vandana (Wanda Fabriek) who is just an exceptional human being on all levels. Much love and thanks to her.

Take care. I’m off to revise.

Much love.


An astounding journey of 'Self Development'

"The training course took me on a journey of self development through my own energy system from the root chakra up to the crown chakra. It helped me recognise and deal with the issues associated with each chakra and gave me an insight into how imbalances and blockages in our energy system occur and how this manifests itself into illness. It was truely fascinating to learn how Bi-Aura works to restore the natural balances and flow of energy leading to healing. I would recommend this particular course to anyone interested in a journey of self development."

Adrian from Inverness, Scotland

This Course has so changed my life for the better!

''The Bi-Aura training course has helped me enormously in dealing with my own issues, and has given me the tools to heal myself and in particular in healing others. If has also given me a much happier life style and also a more fulfilling life. I feel much more relaxed and more focused. I would say this course has given me a sense of purpose for the first time in my life.''

Sarah from London

I was looking for an accredited course that explored more in depth than the usual energy courses that are out there:

''I think the best thing that I have received out of this course so far, is the great clarity about my behavour and that of others. Being able to recognise why people react the way they do, I now have much more tolerance and understanding towards others. I am much more positive about myself and am looking forward to a total change of career and becoming a fully qualified practitioner.''

Tanya from London

The most exciting and stimulating course I have ever attended!

''I have attended many a course in alternative therapy, and am delighted to say, this has been the most invigorating and enjoyable journey I have ever undertaken. The tutors are so professional and understanding, they give so much personal attention to each individual student. Every month takes on a new and thought provoking experience. I find myself looking forward so much to learning new techniques at each of the weekend's as we move through the different chakras. I totally recommend this particular course to anyone interested in exploring energy therapy.''

Andrew from Devon

I have benefited in so many ways from this course

''I had experienced Bi-Aura Therapy a few years ago, and having seen first hand the benefits of this particular form of Energy Therapy, I decided to train to become a fully fledged practitioner. I wanted a course that gave me a recognised Diploma, and signing up for this course was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. It is great to get an insight into the various aspects of Bi-Aura techniques, wow! How powerful these techniques are : I find I cannot wait to practice on family and friends and even at this stage of training, the results are amazing. I feel totally focused now and cannot wait to be fully qualified! I also want to thank each of the tutors for their abundance of patience and also to say how interesting they make each of the weekends. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in energy therapy.''

Gráinne from Dublin

I have been searching for something like this course has to offer for such a long time:

''For me the Bi-Aura course is fulfilling my inner need for outer expression, it is a practical application of spiritual values and spiritual wisdom. It is the path for personal development and an expression of inner goodness. The course gives me an opportunity to learn practical and easy applicable knowledge, how to help other's in their daily emotional and physical struggles. I have gained such confidence and positive thoughts in myself, that I now feel totally focused. I would recommend this course to anyone who is looking for a change of direction. I cannot wait to qualify and start my own practice.''

Raymond from London

A truely inspiring journey, I am so pleased I enroled on this course:

''I wish to thank the course Facilitators for their teaching abilities, vast knowledge and humorous way of presenting the course. It keeps you interested at all times, and I personally have gained such an amount from our meditation sessions. This course has given me the abilities to believe in myself, and has taught me to be more confident in everything I do.''

Natasha from Surrey

What a wonderful journey, I am so grateful I discovered another side to life with such powerful meaning, I do feel I have found something worthwhile in persuing:

''This course has given me such focus in changing careers! and I cannot wait to qualify and enbark with such powerful techniques to heal others. I feel very positive now about my sensitivity and working with this particular energy in the future. The actual course is run with great structure, I love the sense of humour and the patience the tutors show to all the students. They have all contributed very differently, with complementary skills, and who have been endlessly patient with interminable questioning from me! I hope to aspire to their levels of energy awareness and healing. I have no hesitation in recommending this course to anyone interested in a journey of self development''.

Linda from Manchester

I am so pleased I discovered this form of Energy Healing. I feel I have found what I want to achieve in life:

I wish to express my gratitude to everyone from the Bi-Aura Foundation for creating the opportunity for me to learn this fascinating and profoundly healing therapy. I first read about this form of healing in an article in the 'Daily Mail' and followed my instinct, I was always interested in energy therapy. This course has taken me to a space of unbelievable experiences, I await each weekend with profound excitement. All of the people on the course have been a delight to get to know and it has been a privilege to see each person unford as a potential practitioner. I truly have made such sincere friend on this course, we are all looking for a different direction. I know I have personally found the path I want to now follow.

Rebecca from Dorset

A greatful thanks to the tutors from Bi-Aura Foundation for their wonderful support and brilliant teaching skills

I want to thank our tutors for their wonderful teaching, which comes from an awesome understanding of the subject, and for their encouragement and positive attitude. I do feel the measure of each of us on the course and they lead us through the process of learnng in a firm, clear yet totally accepting way. An inspiration to me!

I really feel I have made some truly genuine friends on this course, they are a delight to get to know, and it has been a priviledge to again experience this unfolding of our potential as therapists. I cannot wait to qualify!

Dr Julie from Scotland

A student on current Diploma Course in London

I just wanted to drop you a line to say how much I am enjoying the Bi-Aura course, Dan and Vanda (our tutors) are simply amazing teachers, and it has been such a pleasure to get to know them. Vanda is a very special lady and her Bi-Aura Sessions are really enriching. Her energy is truely beautiful. Dan's approach truely remarkable.

Another tutor from the Foundation taught us this weekend, because Dan was in Peru. She is so enthusiastic and joyful, and a real ambassador for the Bi-Aura Foundation. Her energy and zest for life is so infectious. We were so motivated by her teachings and wonderful patient demonstrations. Just want to thank you for the opportunity of taking this course, it is a total privilege.

Kate Mutter, London, November 2009

What a truely rewarding journey I have experienced in taking the Bi-Aura training course.

I have just completed the Bi-Aura Diploma Course in Regents College London. I so thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the training, and it was a real pleasure getting to know Vanda (one of the Bi-Aura tutors) her amazing insight, wisdom, and super healing skills. Also may I thank Dan (the other tutor) for his brilliant ability to convey information from both a traditional academic viewpoint and a Metaphysical one. I cannot recommend this course enough, a remarkable journey of self discovery, and a most memorable experience.

Finally a thank you to everyone else who trained with me, I have made some wonderful and genuine friends on the course, we all gelled so well together.

Steven from London, November 2014

'I had a deep desire to gain a better understanding of, and achieve, balance in my stressed professional life and was looking for a change of career. Bi-Aura has definitely set me on the right path. My mind has been illuminated to the close relationship existing between the emotions and physical ailments.

Bi-Aura with its principles and practice has so far offered me answers to my questions on a physical, spiritual and emotional level. All the feed back from my work with individuals has been extremely positive and personally rewarding.'

Lisa from Glasgow

'One year ago I attended a four day treatment clinic because I had M.E. The therapy made such a difference to my life, it permitted my body to heal itself. Straight away I knew Bi-Aura therapy was for me. During the course I gained the ability to relax, be positive and confident. I understand myself and others better, my concentration has improved and I am much more calm and centered. This has improved all areas of my life and I now get great pleasure and satisfaction in being able to help others'

Diane Copperfield from London

'I was attracted to the Bi-Aura course having read of the successes of the therapy. I was pleased to find the course presented in a scientific but comprehensible way and was not surprised to find that the course presenter, had studied engineering but was obviously a very compassionate man. Yes, but could I do this? Would my clients get better? My queries have been satisfactorily answered.

My own health has never been better, my friends and clients have had wonderful results from the therapy. Without taking away from other therapies in my opinion Bi-Aura is the most potent therapy I know of. In short I am excited about this, it is a complete change of life for me.'

Sarah Goodwood Devon

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