News - Dog treated by Bi-Aura Therapy

Tuesday 20 May, 2008
by Jule Wilson from The Journal

ONE young woman found that Bi-Aura Therapy benefited her so much that she also had her dog receive treatment. Louise Watson, 30, was born with the hereditary condition Raynaud's Disease, which affects the circulation and says: "A friend actually bought me one treatment for Christmas last year as I had been complaining about my circulation quite a lot.

"I used to work outdoors with horses and winters could be quite bad, so I wanted to see if there was a holistic method that would help me cope with it."

Louise is a learning mentor at Corbridge Middle School in Northumberland and lives in Mithras Court, Wall, Hexham. She adds: "I had heard about Bi-Aura before and was actually a bit nervous because some people had said their session had made them not be able to stop laughing or crying.

"And during the sessions, I did feel really strange. At one point 1 needed to sit down because I thought I was going to faint, but it wasn't an unpleasant treatment and it seems to have done the trick."

Louise had the recommended a course of four session'S with Lynne and said her circulation has improved. She adds: "All in all, I feel more positive and competent and my energy levels are much higher. I did go back at Easter and have a top-up session but Lynne said she was really pleased that I had remained so balanced."

And Louise's seven-year-old Jack Russell, Wellington, also seems to have benefited from Lynne's expert touch.

Louise explains: "Wellington was very gun-shy and really couldn't cope very well with loud bangs, such as fireworks. Over Christmas particularly, he had become quite neurotic."

But Lynne performed Bi-Aura Therapy on the frightened animal and Louise said: "He is genuinely mucb better now,"

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