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Tuesday 20 May, 2008
by Jule Wilson from The Journal

THANKS to a pioneering Northumberland mother, more than 200 people throughout the UK and Ireland have been trained in a powerful therapy which, it is claimed, has helped thousands to recover from serious illnesses.

Bi-Aura Therapy, in its 10th anniversary, is an ancient skill derived from eastern cultures which aims to rebalance the body's energy fields, or Chakras, thereby promoting healing. Maire Dennhofer, 60, was an air hostess who owned a successful chain of North East wine bars before Bi-Aura Therapy changed her life.

The mother of two grown up daughters founded the Bi-Aura Foundation where she lives in Newton, Northumberland, after the therapy gave her what she describes as unprecedented relief from a neck injury. Maire explains: "I was suffering from severe and chronic pain in my neck following a road accident eight years ago, and I tried every complementary therapy you can think of but nothing helped. Then, while visiting Ireland, I heard about bio-energy therapy.

"I was in so much pain that I would have tried anything. The therapy sounded a bit wacky - I was told the therapist barely needed-to touch me and instead used hand movements to pull out blockages from the body's auric field. In the first session, I didn't see how someone waving their arms around me could possibly help. But the results were instant, and incredible. After four sessions, my pain had been reduced so much that I thought that I had to bring the technique to the UK."

Now the Bi-Aura foundation has qualified practitioners throughout the country, one of whom is Lynne Ridley, 53, who works at the foundation's brand new centre near her home in Corbridge.

She says: "Stressful events can damage the energy flow in the body, causing blockages so the body does not receive the energy it needs and this can result in illness.

"But once these disruptions in the energy flow have been cleared through Bi-Aura, recovery can take place. People are often sceptical about complementary therapies and blame the placebo effect on any improvements to people's sense of well-being, but I.perform Bi-Aura regularly on horses and get dramatic results. Animals have no concept of belief or disbelief, unlike humans, so I feel this proves the effectiveness of the treatment."

The Bi-Aura courses offered at the centre to train practitioners are now recognised as equivalent to an A-level in the UK.

Maire adds: "We also pride ourselves in the fact that all our tutors now have teachers' training accreditation and we are working behind the scenes to try and achieve recognition within the NHS.

"We do feel we are at the dawn of a new beginning for all involved with the Bi-Aura Foundation in terms of the practice being recognised by those in the traditional medical field. The Bi-Aura also has the backing of world-famous mind-body medicine guru Deepak Chopra, who is an honorary member. And it is part of the Complementary Medical Association and the healing association here in the UK.

"My long-term goal is to open a healing clinic in Delhi, India, because the techniques we use originated in India and the ethos throughout our foundation is to give something back. Plus healing is what we are all about," said Maire. "But for now, I'm just thrilled at what has been achieved In such a short space of time, because just 10 years ago nobody had ever heard of us."


I FELT relaxed as soon as I had arrived in the Bi-Aura Foundation's beautiful surroundings in Newton, Northumberland, and Maire, the founder of the facility, wasted no time in showing me the spectacular view enjoyed from the peak of the hill which neighbours the foundation centre, I was led into a calm and inviting space where Lynne, my practitioner, carefully filled out a medical questionnaire to pin-point where Bi-Aura might be most helpful to me.

I told her that I had recently been diagnosed with mild irritable bowel syndrome and had ha-d a number of sinus infections over the last 12 months.

Before the session began, Lynne explained exactly what she was going to do and how I might feel, and then slowly, we began. Standing up, I willingly closed my eyes and fell easily into what felt almost like a france as I became lost in my own thoughts and let Lynne do her stuff.

I was surprised at how swift were Lynne's movements, like she was doing karate moves all around my body.

Lynne had warned me I may feel my body want to lean in a certain direction, but I wasn't quite prepared for how obvious this felt as it seemed I had become an extra in Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal video. After about 10 minutes of Lynne moving around every part of my body, I had begun to feel more still. I sat on a chair and Lynne performed some more hands-on Bi-Aura. But throughout the session, my first in a series of four, Lynne barely touched me.

In fact, it felt as though she was several feet away at times but the after-effect was amazingly dramatic,

Almost as soon as the session had come to an end, which was after about 45 minutes, I seemed to lose all cognitive ability. It was as though my brain had ceased to be part of me and I promptly knocked over a glass of water. It was quite pleasant to go a bit dozy for the afternoon, however, and I felt positive and uplifted, energised and calm, welcoming the switched-off state I had adopted.

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