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Sunday 01 June, 2008
by Mary Macintyre from St Andrews in Focus

Recently I gave treatment to a young girl after she had injured her foot at dancing, and her mother reported to me that her daughter had been able to walk normally the next morning - "thanks to your treatment, we believe," she told me.

The treatment I administered is called BiČAura, and Dr Mark Atkinson, medical physician, former Vice-President of the Complementary Medical Association and at present its Integrated Medical Expert, has described Bi-Aura as "The most powerful, exciting and clinically effective energy I have witnessed."

As a graduate in biology and general science I was somewhat sceptical when I first read about Bi-Aura, but decided to undertake a course of instruction in the treatment.

The course was extensive and rigorous, and at the end of it I was awarded an International Diploma with Distinction in Bi-Aura Therapy from the Bi-Aura Foundation, I was taught that the principles of Bi-Aura have been known about and practised for centuries, particularly in India. It is an advanced system of bio-energy healing, based in part on chakras. These are seven energy points located throughout the body, from the crown of the head downwards. Bi-Aura, a form of healing, is linked to these chakras. Practitioners of Bi-Aura believe that they have the skills to locate imbalances in the energy system linked to the chakras, and that these imbalances can cause psychological as well as physical problems. The techniques can also be used on animals.

Conditions that appear to respond favourably to Bi-Aura therapy include: allergies; arthritis; asthma; bone/joint disorders; chronic fatigue; depression; digestive problems; emotional problems; headaches and migraines; hormone imbalances; impotence; infertility; insomnia; menstrual pain; muscular aches and pains; nervous disorders; rheumatism; sciatica; sinusitis; stress-related conditions.

Some clients report an immediate improvement and a lessening or cessation of pain. However, in some cases there appears to be a slight deterioration in the condition as the body adjusts to the changed energy flow. In some instances the change is not obvious, but in time the ailment has disappeared. The clients are given techniques and advice to promote and maintain good health. The success of bio-energy treatment has been highlighted on television and radio as well as the press, national and international, and clients have testified to the beneficial results of their treatment.

Like many alternative therapies, Bi-Aura cannot promise a cure in one session. Most clients commit to a minimum of four sessions in order to feel the full benefit of the treatment. These sessions can be conducted in the client's own home, or at my home. Bi-Aura is administered in a calming, relaxing procedure. The client remains fully clothed, and the practitioner's hands do not make contact with the body to any great extent. Many people report a profound feeling of relaxation and invigoration.

After over 20 years of teaching at St Leonards School, St Andrews, I have decided to devote my time in retirement to bringing Bi-Aura to people, because I have seen its benefits, as in the young dancer with the injured foot.

Mary Macintyre can be contacted by telephone 01334-476-428 and e-mail :

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