News - Bi-Aura treats Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Saturday 20 January, 2007
by Hannah Davies from The Journal, Newcastle, page 40

I'm able to live. I feel energised, it's helped change my life and get that life back.

"I was always a very fit, energetic person until my illness, able to do everything at 70 miles an hour.

"That stopped but now it has returned. I feel well again."

Sue Hepple, 55, of Gosforth, a former secretary, is one of many who give Bi-Aura therapy a glowing report. This alternative therapy involves the unblocking of energy, chakra, points in the body to let negative energy out and to aid healing.


Since it was brought over to the UK in 1995 by Máire Dennhöfer, who lives near Corbridge, Northumberland, Bi-Aura has flourished.

It has achieved charitable status, courses equivalent to A-level qualifications are run and there are over 200 therapists across Britain.

Following a car crash in Northumberland 10 years ago, Máire, 58, who is originally from Ireland, was constantly plagued by intense pain.

Horrified at the thought of spending her life on tablets, through conventional treatment, Máire, who is married to Heinz, 60, a wine dealer, looked into alternative therapies but without success.

"I had to have an operation on my neck and I constantly felt in terrible pain," explains Máire who has two children with Heinz; Heidi, 26, a staff nurse at Newcastle's Free man Hospital and Annabel, 22, a business management student at Newcastle College.

"Even before complimentary therapies became mainstream I was always interested in them.

"So I thought I'm going to look for an alternative to all of these tablets."

It was on a holiday to her native Ireland that she unexpectedly found an answer to her troubles.

"I happened to be listening to this radio show and they were talking about Bi- Aura therapy. I thought I'm going to try that and I did." Straight away Marie found a therapist and received her first set of treatments.

"I felt an immediate release of the pain. It was the first time in two years I had that relief.

"I was only in Ireland for about four or five days but that was enough.

"You have to have four consecutive treatments so I had my four treatments in Ireland and I felt amazing and I thought at the time I'm going to take this to the UK. I set about finding out more and making connections with the Bi-Aura community in Ireland."

Now there are 200 Bi-Aura therapists around the country from the Shetland Isles down to Cornwall. Around 46 of them are nurses.

The Bi-Aura foundation is now a registered charity and is run from a head office in Newton, Northumberland.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Sue Hepple was dehabilitated by chronic irritable bowel syndrome when she first be came involved with Bi-Aura.

"For the last three and a half years I had suffered from chronic pain from my condition," she ex plains.

"Nothing could help. I have been through every possible test; I have seen different consultants and even tually I heard about Bi-Aura."

Sue lives with husband James, 59, a property developer. They have two children, Sarah, 27, who works for Marks and Spencer in London and Katie, 25, who is a letting agent in Jesmond.

Sue arrived at the Bi-Aura centre in summer last year with her husband virtually carrying her.

"When my husband brought me here I could hardly stand or walk. When I came out I was walking by myself.

"Just knowing that relief is there helps you. It makes you relaxed and very at peace and energised.

"I felt immediate relief from the terrible pain and discomfort."

Sue is now a convert to Bi-Aura treatment.

She adds: "I had three previous treatments and then I had a slight relapse later last year.

"I think it was when I came back in for another session and was again immediately relieved I realised just how much it has and does help me.

"My IBS was so chronic I'd not be able to do anything for up to eight days; I couldn't eat, I couldn't sleep and would lose anything up to a stone- and-a-half in weight in a bad episode.

"But I haven't had a chronic episode since I started Bi-Aura."

  • For more information about The Bi-Aura Foundation call (01661) 844899, email, or visit
  • There is a special day workshop taking place on Saturday, February 3, from 10am until 4pm showing people the techniques used in Bi- Aura and explaining all about the therapy and courses.

Part-time courses will commence in Newcastle in March.

The courses are over a weekend once a month for nine months and carry a recognised level 3 A-level status.

How Bi-Aura Therapy Works

All illness and chronic pain is encoded in the bio-field in the form of energy blockages or disturbances.

These may have arisen suddenly as a result of physical, mental or emotional trauma or over a period of time through established mental patterns of stress, anxiety or fear.

These blockages become locked in the auric field and obstruct the healing flow of energy.

When these blockages are dispersed and the energy flow restored, healing is carried throughout the body down to the cellular level.

Using a series of hand movements Bi-Aura practitioners raise the vibration of the blocked energy enabling it to be drawn out and cleared from the chakras and the aura.

Similarly they are able to attract energy to deficient areas.

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