Events - Bio- Energy Healing Workshop Inverness

Saturday 15 September, 2018
by Karen Balfour BETD. BAF reg from Bi-Aura Foundation

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  • Event Type : Bio-Energy Training Workshop
  • Date :
  • Times : 10.00 am till 17.30 pm

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  • Price : £ 50.00
  • Deposit : £ 25.00

Pay £ 50.00

Pay £ 25.00 deposit
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These inspirational workshops are designed to provide an insight into the theory and practice of

Bio-Energy Therapy (a therapy which works solely with the bio-field of the body) and why it works so profoundly. Safe, relaxing and non-invasive.

The Bi-Aura Energy Therapy day Workshop is a must of you are keen to experience what Energy Therapy is all about.

It will be a unique opportunity of asking questions and finding out if the Diploma Course in Energy Therapy is the course you would like to pursue. The part time Energy Therapy Course (will take place over a weekend ) one weekend a month and will commence in the autumn of 2018 in Manchester.

Bi-Aura clients have achieved astounding results with many debilitating conditions both physical and emotional such as asthma, migraine, chronic fatigue, depression, back pain and stress related ailments. Many case studies can be found on the front page of our website sent in by clients.

At this workshop, you can:

  • experience sensing and directing energy
  • participate in energy enhancing Chi-Kung exercises
  • understand the energy matrix, chakras and their influence
  • learn simple pain relieving Bi-Aura techniques
  • witness a full Bi-Aura session

We will give an insight on how to work through the major chakras and bio-field.

One Awards Quality Mark Endorsement

One Awards Quality Mark Endorsement

The Bi-Aura / Bio Energy Healing Diploma Course is the only Bio Energy Diploma that holds the One Awards Quality Mark endorsement for high quality training. One Awards is a Quality Assurance and Accreditation service offering bespoke accreditation for over 20 years.

The Quality Mark confirms our courses and training methods are delivered to the highest standard. We are audited and assessed regularly by One Awards' quality assurance professionals to ensure our teaching methods, materials and practical work meet their strict criteria.

This is the only Diploma Course in Energy Therapy which offers qualified practitioners a full support membership with the Bi-Aura Foundation when training is completed. This includes:

  • Excellent 'block scheme' insurance
  • Full support in setting up a practice
  • Complete stationary pack at cost to all members
  • On-line advice and help
  • All relevant details and prospectus can be found on the website and will also be available at the workshop. Our bio-energy training course is one of the few energy courses that has a recognised qualification in the UK.
  • Light refreshments will be served at the day workshop.

  • The full Diploma Course in Energy Therapy will commence in Scotland on:
  • Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 October 2018.