Health - What is Bi-Aura ?

Bi-Aura is an advanced system of bio-energy healing which works through balancing the human bio-field. If the bio-field which surrounds the body becomes overly stressed then this can lead to a reduction in the energy flowing into the organs, which over time may cause illness.

Whether it’s helping your child with asthma, someone with arthritis, a family pet, or a client with a back injury. It is a life changing experience.

Bi-Aura therapists are trained to tune into blockages in the bio-field and to remove these blockages through a selection of mostly non-touch Bi-Aura techniques.Once the energy blockages are removed from the body,rapid healing can take place..

Bi-Aura Therapy in Depth
  1. Bi-Aura Therapy in Depth by D.J. Kahn (PDF file - 40 KB)
  2. Bi-Aura Therapy and Training by L.E. Ridley (PDF file - 26 KB)
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