Health - Bi-Aura Patient Testimonials

Back Pain

"... I had suffered with back pain for a number of years and more recently with a painful eye. I experienced immediate relief after my first session and a general easing of tension in my shoulders and upper body after the second. I am frankly amazed by these developments ..."

Brendan Shiel

"... I just had to write and let you know how well I am doing since I had my Bi-Aura session. As you know, I had severe pain in my lower back. The pain eased considerably after the session. Each day the pain lessened. Today, just 3 days after the session, I have no pain at all in my lower back ..."

Mary Antolovi

Muscle Spasms

"... For approximately 14 years I suffered severe pain and deformity of my neck and right shoulder, a condition known as dystonia (muscle spasm). Painkillers gave no relief. After a few Bi-Aura sessions I was pain free. Now I have almost full neck movement and good posture ..."

K O'Reilly

Fear & Panic Attacks

"... I hope you don't mind me writing to say how much I benefited through my treatment. I suffered from fear and panic attacks and was a prisoner in my own home. After the sessions with you, I am able to walk much easier and a lot of fear has gone. I also feel a lot more energy ..."

Margaret Quirke

Cerebral Palsy

"... my son who is 5 has been receiving Bi-Aura therapy for 6 months - he suffers from moderate cerebral palsy. He now has better concentration, and improved co-ordination. He had been tried on a pwoered wheel chair with no success but now it seems so easy to him. His appetite is also better ..."

L. Flyer

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