Health - Conquering Stress with Bi-Aura

Anxiety, raised blood pressure, hyperactivity, loss of concentration and focus, reduced immunity to illness, lethargy and depression are all symptons of too much stress.

Stress, as many of us know is not a pleasant experience and can lead to much more serious problems, it has been blamed for many early deaths and can manifest itself in many fatal conditions.

Even mild stress can lead to a variety of physical and mental ailments. The cost where home and family, social and work life are concerned can be devastating. Many sufferers turn to prescription or other drugs in an attempt to 'cure' their stress. It is not the answer.

Bi-Aura therapy is a highly effective, totally holistic health care system that can bring enormous relief from stress and tension.

How can you reduce stress in your life? We suggest that you consult one of our practitioners who will advise you on how best to manage and control your stress levels. They can advise on physical and mental exercise routines developed specifically for the purpose of controlling and reducing stress levels.

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