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Bi-Aura Therapy has delivered amazing results to thousands of clients with a wide range of conditions and, yes, we are confident that we can help you. All you need to do is visit a practitioner in your area.

A Bi-Aura Therapy clinic involves attending a 40 minute session each day over 4 consecutive days.

On initial consultation details of your medical history are taken to enable your practitioner to monitor progress duringthe therapy, as old symptoms often surface in order to be cleared from the energy field. It is important that other energy therapies, such as craniosacral therapy or acupuncture, are not undertaken at the same time as Bi-Aura as this could hinder accurate assessment during our therapy.

During your sessions you may experience a variety of sensations and feelings. Also some people may actually feel that their condition during therapy has worsened, this is a quite normal 'transient' period which is a positive sign that the energy field is clearing and the healing process has started.All of our practitioners have achieved the highest standards required to operate the Bi-Aura Therapy system.

Bi-Aura regularly hosts treatment clinics throughout the UK and Ireland.

If we are not represented in your area yet, don't worry, simply find approximately four people who would benefit from therapy and we will arrange for a therapist to visit your area.

Our practitioners directory will be available on this site very soon, in the meantime, please call or e-mail us to find out where your nearest practitioner is.

All qualified practitioners licensed by Bi-Aura Therapy adhere to a strict code of professional conduct, maintain a high standard of working practice and hold full professional indemnity insurance.

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