Health - Diagnosis and Chakras

Physical conditions that can be related to specific chakra blockages are:

  • Root Chakra - eating problems, growth problems, frequent illness, arthritis, allergies
  • Sacral Chakra - menstrual difficulties, sexual dysfunction, urinary problems, lower back pain
  • Solar Plexus Chakra - diabetes, digestive disorders, hypertension, chronic fatigue
  • Heart Chakra - asthma, circulatory disorders, shortness of breath, immune system
  • Throat Chakra - sore throats, loss of voice, hearing problems, asthma, thyroid problems
  • Brow Chakra - headaches & migraines, vision, loss of memory
  • Crown Chakra - migraines, amnesia, coma, brain tumoursssss

1. ROOT CHAKRA (Physical Chakra) - Grounding Being / The Right to be Here

To identify the ego with the body. We identify with the souls expression in a physical form. It is sustaining yourself and grounding yourself in order to let the Cosmic and Earth current flow freely. Being aware of your body completely.

2. SACRAL CHAKRA (Emotional Chakra) - Inner Being / The Right to Feel

Within the body churns emotions. Feelings are the inner experience - emotions are feeling in motion outwardly. A blockage comes into being when feelings are not expressed into emotions.

3. SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA (Power / Ego Chakra) - Power, Ego Being / The Right to Act and be Free

This is where you identify and separate your ego (self) inwardly from others. The power of this chakra is about standing up, being yourself and following your own authority. When the right to act is restricted, free will plus vitality and spontaneity decrease.

4. HEART CHAKRA (Centre Chakra) - Social Being / The Right to Love and be Loved

How you interact with others and how much your Ego (self) in its base (3) influences the outcome of your social skills and relationships. Past and present experiences rule your Heart chakra, inwardly and outwardly.

5. THROAT CHAKRA (Creative & Self-expression Chakra) - Creative Being / The Right to Speak and Hear the Truth

Communication. Speaking and hearing truth. Expression from all chakras. Through creativity we identify who we are to others and ourselves. The Throat chakra leads to an ever-expanding growth of consciousness and eventual transcendence of the personal self (into 6 & 7). With having the foundations (1) of a healthy ego (3), social confidence (4) and compassion for others (2,3&4). Etc.

6. BROW CHAKRA (Intuitive Chakra) - Intuitive Being / The Right to See

Being in touch with your own personal understanding and the understanding of the lower chakras; 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5. Psychic abilities, intuition, dreams, third eye.

7. CROWN CHAKRA (Universal Chakra) - Universal Being / The Right to Know

Inner knowing. Awareness. Ego (self) becomes whole and free-flowing with the cosmos.

All chakras need to be in balance and the Cosmic and Earth current will flow unrestricted.

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