Bi-Aura Case Study 0098 : Depression

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Case ID  0098
Patient Ref BWBGER
Gender female
Country Germany
Practitioner ID 0278
Condition  depression


The client presented with depression and anxiety that stemmed from both childhood experiences and also two distinct emotionally traumatic events in her life.

Three remote Bi Aura healing sessions were given, each lasting approximately one and a quarter hours, with a telephone conversation the following day as a follow-up. After three sessions, the client felt sufficiently improved that no further Bi Aura sessions or use of anti-depressants were necessary.

“When I contacted Mimi McNally , asking for the possibility of remote bi aura sessions, I was so depressed ( and had been for some time ) that I had asked my doctor to prescribe anti-depressants. I was hoping that Mimi could help me so I wouldn't need them. I have never met Mimi McNally, our contact was through email and, after the first session , on the telephone. I had experienced bi aura sessions in England and had found them very helpful, but wasn't able to go there at this time of my life. So I was very grateful for Mimi's willingness to help me through remote sessions.

Let me say immediately that after three sessions I feel so very much better! The day after my first session I felt able to smile, for the first time in weeks. Today, after the last session, I feel grateful for the good things in my life. I feel able to enjoy life, and hope to be able to face and deal with the circumstances that caused the depression in the first place. I certainly do not feel in need of anti- depressants now.

In the first session, I felt a severe tingling in my forehead that was almost painful. I felt very safe. When I woke up the next morning I noticed a connection between my head and my feet which was completely new. The tingling in the forehead continued for three days. Before my second session, I had had a very tough day . I made myself comfortable ten minutes before the time Mimi was planning to begin working on me, and suddenly felt as if stones were thrown at me from all directions. After a few minutes, very suddenly this stopped. I believe this was when Mimi began her work. Then, my feet started tingling.

Before the third session I had felt very angry - something I had not allowed myself to feel for a long time, which was probably triggered by Mimi's work on me the night before, using what she calls the "telephone- technique". Again, very suddenly, the anger left me and I felt very free as Mimi began to work on me. In that night, a very unpleasant dream I had had many times recurred, but changed in a way that was positive and even comforting.

The day after each session, Mimi and I spoke on the phone. She matched my experiences to what her goals had been, and the things she had sensed in my chakras to what I then told her of my life.

At one point I asked her if she thought it would help if she had a photograph of me. However, she felt it was possibly easier to work on me connecting only her soul to mine, without being distracted by how I look and the ideas that might give her about me.

I was very impressed by how much she could sense about me that hit the mark exactly. Her advice is very valuable to me, and I feel she has helped me immensely through her work, and her love and kindness”