Bi-Aura Case Study 0045 : Iritable Bowel Syndrome, Depression

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Case ID  0045
Patient Ref DC1
Gender female
Country Ireland
Condition  iritable bowel syndrome , depression
Treatment Start Date 2005-02-09


My client had suffered from IBS for a number of years. Prior to receiving Bi-Aura therapy she was experiencing an attack about once a week. She was also experiencing sleep problems as a result of her condition, felt constantly tired and suffered bouts of depression. Fed up with the way the conditions was blighting her life she turned to Bi-Aura for help. A course comprising of 3 weekly sessions with a follow up a month later was arranged. Following the first session the improvements were noticable. She had slept better than she had ever done before and although she had a bout of IBS it was much milder than usual and was not accompanied by severe pain. She also felt much better in herself. By the 3rd session had had no further attacks of IBS and no abdominal pain at all.


I first attended for Bi-Aura because I suffered from IBS, insomnia and stress. Since I started the treatment I find my sleep pattern and energy levels has improved dramatically and IBS symptoms seem to have disappeared. I found my sessions very beneficial and I would recommend this treatment to anybody with problems.