Bi-Aura Case Study 0038 : Rhinitis, Stress, Digestive Problems

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Case ID  0038
Patient Ref LM-RB
Gender male
Age 17
Country NI
Practitioner ID 0087
Condition  rhinitis , stress , digestive problems
Treatment Start Date 2006-01-23


This client attended for relief from chronic rhinitis, stress and digestive problems. He responded extremely well and his attitude to life as well as quality of life was hugely improved. This I feel is the wonderful outcome from Bi-Aura therapy, that besides its value in relieving pain, it initiates improvement on a more subtle level enabling clients to experience changes in their attitude to life, relieving them of those sabotages of fear, anxiety and illusion. If life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it how important this is as all we can change in life is ourselves


My son had been suffering from a lot of stress related conditions for a number of years and went to see Lorna for help with stress, lack of confidence and chronic rhinitis.

Lorna told him that his main source of pain at that time was in his shoulders. He had only recently mentioned an ache in his shoulders a few days ago and I had not given it a lot of thought and he certainly had not mentioned anything about it to Lorna. As a result of what she told us we decided to see the doctor and imagine our surprise when we discovered that my son's collarbones were both dislocated and his shoulder joints not connecting properly. He had apparently been born like this but it had only started to effect him because of his teenage growth in this area.

Over the course of four Bi-Aura sessions my son's daily stomach cramps ceased, his confidence grew sufficiently for him to attend a job interview and impress the interviewer so much that she could not believe it was his first interview.

As far as the rhinitis goes, from normally living on hay fever tablets and nasal sprays throughout the summer and having ionisers and vaporisers etc in his bedroom throughout the year he only bought tablets once this year and the vaporiser was put away in the cupboard for the first time since he was a baby.