Bi-Aura Case Study 0037 : Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain

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Case ID  0037
Patient Ref LM-LB
Gender female
Age 50
Occupation p/t bank official
Country NI
Practitioner ID 0087
Condition  neck pain , shoulder pain
Treatment Start Date 2006-01-23


7 years after a car accident this client was diagnosed with degeneration of the vertebrae at the base of the skull. As this was causing severe neck and shoulder pain she was prescribed strong pain killers and attended physiotherapy twice a week for 5 months. Neither gave her the pain relief she needed to get on with her life and depression set in. Following the first session of Bi-Aura the pain subsided sufficiently for her to stop taking the strong painkillers she had been prescribed. Further terrific improvement was experienced over the next three sessions as the pain disappeared completely which left her feeling much more relaxed about life.


I was in so much pain and feeling that my life was over. After reading an article in the Daily Mail I felt that if this therapy did me no good at least it would not do me harm. Halfway through the first session I began to feel some floating sensations and to sway so much that I thought I was going to loose my balance and fall. I also felt strange sensations that I can't explain. However it was all pleasant, calming and relaxing.

Afterwards, shortly after I got into my husband's car, I began to feel as if my head was going to explode. I felt as if a pressure was building up inside my body like a geyser and was coming out the top of my head. The pressure was tremendous and I felt as if my ears were popping. Then I realised that the pain had gone from my neck and shoulders but was so afraid that I was imagining it and continued to move my entire body stiffly rather than trying to turn my neck. After an hour without pain I began to relax. Such a weight had been literally lifted from my shoulders I could have cried with relief. I could not believe that something so simple had taken the pain away so quickly after months of suffering so much.

The pain has not returned, I have so much more energy and my husband and family cannot believe the change.