Bi-Aura Case Study 0025 : Neck Pain, Vision Problems, Nightmares

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Case ID  0025
Patient Ref fi 6
Gender male
Occupation not known
Region Perth
Country Scotland
Condition  neck pain , vision problems , nightmares


This client attended for four sessions of Bi-Aura therapy.


"I had treatments with a reflexologist for 12 - 18 months the treatment was good but could not get rid of the pain in my neck, so I was recommended to try Bi-Aura. After my first treatment I felt tired but in good spirits and advised to drink lots of fluids.

"After three sessions, I left with a feeling that a great weight had been lifted from my stomach and a feeling of lightness. The pain in my neck was greatly reduced. After the fourth treatment I left feeling totally relaxed with a feeling of freedom inexperienced before. I felt great. I returned for a 'top up' and left feeling totally relaxed and fitter than ever.

"A couple of months later I returned as I was under great stress at work and was experiencing difficulty with my vision and having nightmares. I was advised that there was a blockage in my energy lines. I had two sessions and after each session I felt as if the world had been lifted from my shoulders and again totally relaxed. I believe that Bi-Aura treatments restore your energy levels and leave you with a great feeling of well being."