Bi-Aura Case Study 0014 : Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, Fatigue

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Case ID  0014
Patient Ref 006
Gender female
Country England
Condition  myalgic encephalomyelitis , fatigue


[name withheld] suffered from ME for 17 years. It was triggered by a difficult and stressful period in her life and was also accompanied by chest pains, high blood pressure and tension in her shoulders and neck.

In spite of her extreme lethargy she holds down a demanding job. She had tried several other alternative therapies but none of them had really got to the bottom of the problem.

She received a course of Bi-Aura treatment comprising three sessions, once a week for three weeks and a fourth "follow-up" session a month later. After only one session her energy levels had improved dramatically and she enjoyed an entire week feeling happy, energetic and relaxed.

By the third treatment almost all the aches and pains which accompanied her ME had gone. She was feeling more energetic, getting a better quality of sleep and feeling much more relaxed.