About - Bi-Aura Foundation Membership

The Bi-Aura Foundation runs a practitioner membership scheme to do the following:

  • build on the training with follow-on support for all newly qualified students
  • work closer together as a group
  • exchange experiences from treating our patients

Business Benefits

For an initial fee, member practitioners may practice under the Bi-Aura name.

They will also receive essential marketing and business development services, including:

  • operations manual
  • listed on the Bi-Aura web-site practitioners directory
  • business training
  • client referral scheme
  • stationary production help
  • promotional literature
  • advertising
  • access to members only area of this web site

Membership Benefits

The international headquarters of the Bi-Aura Foundation is located in Northumberland, U.K. where founder Maire Dennhofer leads the team who look after the day-to-day running of the foundation. All administration, communications and network support are handled from here.

Bi-Aura is a registered Trademark and may only be used by practitioners who are licensed by the foundation. It is proof that our members are insured, work to a consistently high professional standard and follow our code of practice.

The foundation has implemented many new internal procedures in its restructuring, aimed at providing the best support for member therapists.

Benefits & Support

Here is a summary of the benefits & support we can provide our members:

  • comprehensive medical malpractice liability and professional indemnity insurance cover
  • copyright to use the Bi-Aura name, brochures and advertising material
  • access via password to the interactive members area within the Bi-Aura website
  • listing with full details in the website practitioners directory
  • client referrals
  • annual advanced training courses
  • operations manual / guide
  • on-going support and guidance


We anticipate that Bi-Aura is going to be one of the biggest names in complementary medicine, and it can only be good for our practitioners to be permanently associated with that name.

We are continually promoting the Bi-Aura through various media. Indeed, newspapers and magazines are constantly approaching us to find out more about our energy healing therapy system.

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