About - A History of Bi-Aura Therapy

Maire Dennhofer

Bi-Aura was introduced to the UK & Ireland  by Máire Caithlín Dennhofer in 1995.

Máire had seen the powerful effects of Bi-Aura Energy Therapy in her world wide travels, she was so amazed on how people responded so effectively to receiving Energy Therapy, that Máre decided Bi-Aura Therapy must come to Ireland and  the UK. Immediately on her return to the UK, Máire set about promoting the therapy. Television and newspapers were enormously supportive and requests for therapy flooded in. Therapists were flown in from Ireland and in the first year the team clocked up 40,000 miles holding four day clinics natiowide.

Máire was convinced that this therapy should be available to everybody and held a vision that permanent Bi-Aura clinics would eventually be situated in every major city. As more and more people became aware of the effectiveness of Bi-Aura healing the demand for training grew.

Now there are GPs, qualified nurses, and complementary medical therapists practicing Bi-Aura therapy, as do many ex-patients who, due to the successful treatment they have received, want to help others.

We hold treatment clinics throughout the year at many venues. We are also arranging training workshops to introduce Bi-Aura Foundation to people interested in training for qualification as a Bi-Aura practitioner (see our Events page).

In 2004, our Diploma in Bio-Energy Therapy was accredited by the North East Open College Network (NEOCN), a self governing regional arm of the National Open College Network (NOCN). Our accredited diploma course is now recognised as a full Level 3 qualification (18 credits), is equivalent to the nationally recognised A-Level, and so could be used for access to university (see our News section).

See our Training section to find out more about our workshops - the next one is very soon. If you need treatment, go to our Practitioners section to find out how you can get help.

Bi-Aura Therapy is safe and suitable for people of all ages, the results can be remarkable, from the welcome sense of peace and well-being that is the hallmark of natural good health to the profound relief from chronic pain. It is also affordable to most family budgets with 40 minute sessions costing from £35.00 (55.00 euros).

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